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Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.

check out this tumblr blog ( which is dedicated to Liam’s 25th Birthday


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It’s been crazy watching this website and your fan base grow within a year! We have fans from all around the world, leaving sweetest birthday messages for you. I would say that it’s wonderful being a fan of an actor who’s so passionate about their work, someone who isn’t afraid of exploring his potential. You’re an amazing aspiration to many, hopefully 2014 will be a great year!
Last but the the least, enjoy this amazing birthday video (made by admins from

Liam Hemsworth Birthday Project

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Liam has been spotted by a lucky fan at Atlantic Station in Atlanta yesterday, joining Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin and other Catching Fire cast members in Atlanta.
 Liam Hemsworth Spotted in Atlanta

So my friend has been taking me around to a lot of social networking events lately to aid in my job search, and we were in Atlantic Station (in Atlanta, GA) yesterday for one of these shindigs. I walk away from her for one moment and she finds herself a Liam Hemsworth.

My friend: magical celebrity catnip. Idek. But yeah, this happened!

Source:Tumblr (Thanks for sharing the pic!)

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