June 1, 2016
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Liam appears in the June 2016 issue of Vanity Fair. I have uploaded the scans of the magazine to the gallery for you to check out. You may also recognise the shots as they are the same shots from the November 2015 issue of Men’s Fitness.

liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth

June 1, 2016
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Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum and director Roland Emmerich pose infront of the Sydney Opera House while promoting their new film ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’. Check out the photos over on the gallery.

liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth

June 1, 2016
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Liam Hemsworth was spotted greeting fans while arriving at location in Darling Harbour ready to promote his new film ‘Independence Day’. He was then later spotted all smiles as he posed for photographers and took a selfie while leaving Kingpin Bowling Harbourside also in Darling Harbour.

You can check out the photos right now over on the gallery.

liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth

May 31, 2016
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I have uploaded a few more of the amazing shots which were taken by top photographer John Russo. These shots are featured in the June edition of August Man. Check them out and enjoy!

liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth

May 31, 2016
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Liam Hemsworth looks sharp in a suit on the cover of August Man magazine’s June 2016 issue, which JustJared.com exclusively reveals.

Here’s what the 26-year-old Independence Day: Resurgence actor had to share with the mag:

On his spacesuit costume for the film: “The gloves on our suits had to be screwed on and off and our helmets had to be screwed onto the body portion of the suit, so we were literally sealed into these spacesuits. It was not an easy or fun process.”

On making a sequel to a movie that came out 20 years ago: “It was definitely a bit of a mind trip at first. I was seven years old when I saw the original film, so to be doing the second film 20 years later, itʼs something I never dreamed of.”

On acting in front of a green screen: “Itʼs harder in some ways, but then in others itʼs easier, because you donʼt have to wait for something to happen to react to it, you can just react whenever you want and make it as big as you need.I think the best thing for this was just to go as big as possible. You donʼt want to underplay anything in this film! Nothing subtle about it.”

For more from Liam, please visit AugustMan.com.

Source: Just Jared

May 31, 2016
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As posted last night, Liam appears in the latest issue of American Way Magazine. I have uploaded a few of the amazing shots which were taken by top photographer John Russo. Check them out and enjoy!

liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth

May 29, 2016
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Two decades after being mesmerized by Will Smith’s performance in Independence Day, Hollywood’s new golden boy has been given the opportunity to follow suit

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Liam Hemsworth was 7 when he first watched Independence Day. His parents didn’t want him to see the film, but he and his older brothers, Luke and Chris, sneaked into the den one night and popped in the VHS cassette. “Seeing Will Smith punching an alien in the face was a pretty pivotal point in my life,” the actor says.

Hemsworth is sitting on a scruffy Ikea couch in a dressing room at a studio in Woodland Hills, California. It’s not the glamorous setting you might expect for a young actor who had a leading role in the blockbusting Hunger Games franchise and who this month stars in Independence Day: Resurgence, which also seems destined for success.

If seeing Will Smith punch an alien in the face did help inspire Hemsworth’s acting career, then his latest role has a neat circularity to it. His character in the sequel serves as a kind of surrogate for the one Smith played back in 1996 (the actor reportedly opted out of participating this time around). Hemsworth plays a fighter pilot named Jake Morrison — “Not your typical cool guy” — who’s a bit of a renegade, a wisecracker, and no friend to the alien invaders. Sound familiar?

There are other similarities between the actors. Will Smith was 27 when he appeared in the original Independence Day. Liam Hemsworth is 26. Both men are athletic and handsome. And both were pegged by executives at 20th Century Fox as safe bets to head up a big-money sci-fi spectacular.

If Hemsworth is daunted by the prospect of following in his childhood hero’s footsteps — and of trying to match the box-office success of the original, which has made more than $817 million to date — he doesn’t show it.

When director Roland Emmerich approached him about starring in the sequel, in fact, he came close to saying no. He’d just wrapped his fourth Hunger Games film, and the idea of a belated sci-fi sequel seemed like something that could easily go awry.

“I honestly did have concerns about it before I met Roland,” he says. “And then when I sat down with him, he made me feel really good about it. The fact that he was excited about making another one — I just had to trust him.”

Independence Day: Resurgence, which Hemsworth shot in New Mexico for four and a half months last summer, takes place 20 years after the first film. Earth is now sheltered by a massive defense system, but of course the aliens attack, creating the need for a wise-cracking renegade pilot to stop them. The question now is: How do you go one better than an exploding White House, as per the original?

“That’s what everyone else has been saying: ‘How do you top it?’ ” Hemsworth says with a laugh. “It’s just a million times bigger than the first one.”

There’s also the question about how Hemsworth will stack up against the franchise’s original hero. Smith put in such a masterfully wry performance in the first film that the character became a part of cinematic lore. Hemsworth, for his part, is best known for playing the troubled Gale Hawthorne — an enigmatic and engaging character, but not one who is exactly brimming with sly wit — in the Hunger Games films.

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May 29, 2016
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Liam Hemsworth says he no longer bases his career decisions on what the press say about his personal life, having spent years learning to swerve the “paparazzi bullshit” that has a habit of following him around.

Liam may have followed a certain Chris to Los Angeles – but he’s creating his own path, flying into the year’s most anticipated blockbuster, Independence Day: Resurgence and living a laid-back life. With or without Miley.

On a recent Monday, Liam Hemsworth was engaged to Miley Cyrus. Come Friday, it was said to be over. That weekend she was pictured riding shotgun in a white Maserati through Malibu, near where she lives, with a “mystery man”. Later, she dined with Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, at the elevated West Hollywood haunt Soho House.

We’re not sure whether she had the kale and ricotta salata or helped herself to the buffet – both are worthy, the latter perhaps a little too meaty for the young vegan popette – but the luncheon suggested that she was, “obviously”, set to soon skip down the aisle with the Aussie actor.

What a fucking circus. Little wonder the kid sat opposite GQ today – and at 26, he is still a kid – shields himself from the daily tabloid dribble; that god-awful faux-journalism that attempts to ‘reveal’ the goings-on of his personal life.

He didn’t always. He was younger – less clear about the game. Because it is a game. An idiotic, race-to-the-bottom game where editors and their sty of hacks deliver muck masquerading as fact – churning headlines and copy that make about as much sense as Ricky Gervais’ New Romantic pop period. Or anyone still attending Coachella.

Lowering himself to this level brought the young Hemsworth pain. He made choices, he admits, on the basis of what was written. It’s not a mistake he’d make today.

“I don’t read or listen to the press – and these days I don’t base my decisions on it at all. I base all my decisions on what’s happening in front of me and I’m much happier by doing that.”

This is all delivered with a slight wince – Hemsworth’s bare toes scraping his unease into the grass under foot, his gaze locked on the brilliant spring sun that’s melting into a nearby hill separating us from Malibu’s Zuma Beach.

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