February 5, 2014
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February 4, 2014. Liam and the ‘Mockingjay’ crew get back to work in Atlanta. They were spotted filming scenes inside a large office building.

[February 4] On the Set of ‘Mockingjay’ in Atlanta

February 1, 2014
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Liam was seen arriving on set of ‘The Hunger Games:Mockingjay’ in Atlanta, GA on January 31, 2014. His co-star Sam Claflin and the director Francis Lawrence were there as well. (not pictured)
[January 31] Arriving on the set of ‘Mockingjay’ in Atlanta

January 28, 2014
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Jennifer Lawrence has won Academy and Golden Globe awards and is up for another Oscars trophy for her role in “American Hustle,” but she still fell victim to a photobomb. The perpetrator? Her “Mockingjay” co-star Liam Hemsworth!

Atlanta residents Brandon and Anne Frazier were having dinner at Bookhouse Pub on Saturday night and ran into the stars whose movie has been filming in Atlanta for several months.

“As we were having our dinner someone accidentally dropped the menu on my wife’s head,” Brandon said. “The person apologized and discussed with us how the menus were hard to hold. Come to figure out, this person was Liam Hemsworth.”

(Ladies, raise your hand if you would get mad at Liam Hemsworth accidentally bonking you in the head with a menu. Yeah, I didn’t think so.)

“Then I connected the dots and saw Jennifer Lawrence standing right behind him with a group of five people,” Brandon continued. “The people beside us got up shortly after this interaction, then Jennifer’s group sat down right beside us. Jennifer sat beside my wife and their group seemed to be having a great time. Jennifer and Liam seemed to us like normal individuals and you would have never known they were celebrities.”

“As my wife and I were leaving, she asked Jennifer for a picture which she was completely okay with as long as it didn’t get posted on Facebook that night,” Brandon said. “She was worried people would crawl to the bar just to see them.”


Last night was the best night we’ve had in Atlanta! Getting to have dinner next to Jennifer Lawrence was so awesome! I was beyond star struck! And those bunny ears are from Liam Hemsworth! Per agreement with JLaw I agreed to wait and post this today.

Here’s the great photo J-Law took with Anne Frazier. Yep, that’s Liam giving her bunny ears!

Overall, a really awesome experience to meet them both,” Brandon said. “Wouldn’t have thought they would be so cordial as being A-list celebrities.”

Source: accessatlanta.com

January 23, 2014
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Wow! A set of supposedly new photoshoot of Liam has surfaced online, I’ve added 3 new photos to the gallery. Check out these dramatic shoots by clicking the thumbnails below!

liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth liam hemsworth

January 12, 2014
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It’s been crazy watching this website and your fan base grow within a year! We have fans from all around the world, leaving sweetest birthday messages for you. I would say that it’s wonderful being a fan of an actor who’s so passionate about their work, someone who isn’t afraid of exploring his potential. You’re an amazing aspiration to many, hopefully 2014 will be a great year!
Last but the the least, enjoy this amazing birthday video (made by admins from liamhemsworthz.skyrock.com)

Liam Hemsworth Birthday Project

January 5, 2014
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Liam was spotted at the LAX airport in Los Angeles on January 5, 2014. He is  most-likely heading to Georgia, where the filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay take place.

[January 5] Arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, CA

December 22, 2013
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December 22, 2013: Liam hangs out with his brother Chris, sister-in-law Elsa and their daughter India the weekend before Christmas. The family made a quick exit behind Ralph’s supermarket in Malibu, California.

[December 22] Leaving Ralph’s supermarket in Malibu, Calif.

December 22, 2013
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Liam Hemsworth and his father Craig stop for some groceries at a local store together on Sunday (December 22) in Malibu, Calif.
The 23-year-old The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actor and his dad visited a Starbucks before grabbing groceries and carried several large iced coffees with them.

[December 22] at a local store in Malibu, Calif.