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Liam and Chris Hemsworth made VH1′s list of the top 6 most important sets of brothers in entertainment.

3. Liam Hemsworth’s got a hot movie franchise (The Hunger Games) and an even hotter fiance; older bro Chris Hemsworth’s got a hot franchise (Thor/The Avengers) and a hotter wife and a new baby! [Photo: Getty Images]

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thanks to @epnebelle , We get a sneak preview of Liam in March issue  of Vanity Fair Magazine :D


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They were shooting some opening scenes for Catching Fire.

The film crews in Ringwood last week were, in fact, there shooting “The Hunger Games” sequel, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” — and Katniss herself was in town.
“They filmed scenes for the beginning of the movie in Ramapo State Forest,” said Steven Gorelick, executive director of the New Jersey Motion Picture & Television Commission, who was on set during Friday’s filming.

The movie’s stars Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth were there, according to Gorelick.

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Miley refers to Liam as her “hubby”  in the interview with cosmopolitan magazine.

Miley: Number one is my relationship with Liam. That’s what I feel the most confident in because you never know; there’s so much hype behind my new record, but it could come out and, worst-case scenario, everyone fucking hates it.

Cosmo: Let’s talk about Liam. Do you ever have these moments when you’re still struck by how hot he is?
Miley: Yeah, all the time! I’ll literally look at him and be like “You are hot, dear god!” The other day, I turned on the pool heater and it was steaming, and he walked outside and took off his clothes and jumped in the pool. I was like, “I’m gonna faint–the hottest guy of my life is in a steaming pool. This looks like a Playgirl shoot.” So I took a photo and made it the background on my phone. My best friend grabbed my phone and was like, “Who’s that? He is so hot!” That’s my hubby!

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Liam and Miley place 8th in forbes’s List Of Hollywood’s Highest-Grossing Romantic Couples

Two other couples made our list from Nicholas Sparks movies. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus place eighth with $63 million for The Last Song. The 2010 film was not only a hit with romance fans, it also sparked a real-life love story: Cyrus and Hemsworth, who met on the set, are now engaged to be married

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Happy 23rd birthday Liam Hemsworth!

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Good News Guys! :D @ETCanada tweeted today that Liam has been added to the list of attendee’s for the PCA’s. He will be joining his hunger games co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson at the event.

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quote from

The romantic drama starring Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer will debut in select theaters on March 22 and February 14th On Demand.

Love and Honor summary: When Dalton Joiner (Austin Stowell) finds out that his girlfriend Jane (Aimee Teegarden) has dumped him, he vows to go home during his one-week leave to win her back. His best friend Mickey Wright (Hemsworth) will do anything to help his buddy out – as long as there might be a few girls along the way. In just seven days they must get to the States, change Jane’s mind and make it back to the war without getting caught.

But when they arrive stateside they find Jane and her beautiful, committed activist friend Candace (Palmer) at the heart of the anti-war movement. Joiner and Wright must make some life changing decisions as they spend a week in July 1969 learning the truth about love, honor and commitment.

“love and honor” posters and stills:

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