September 16, 2015
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September 15, 2015
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Being the romantic lead in a film comes with certain obligations, but Liam Hemsworth is up to the task of being a little objectified. A pivotal scene in   “The Dressmaker” — which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this week — involves the Australian “Hunger Games” star removing his shirt to the ogling delight of co-stars Kate Winslet and Judy Davis. Nice work if you can get it.

September 15, 2015
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We spoke to the Aussie superstar about his upcoming projects and his new TIFF film “The Dressmaker”


In just a few years, Liam Hemsworth has gone from little-known Aussie TV actor to one of those megastar Hollywood heartthrobs that seems to have been chiseled from a different sort of raw material than the rest of us (along with his “Thor” star brother Chris, he at least makes you wonder what sort of superhuman nutrients they put in the water down under). And this fall, the 25-year-old actor will celebrate the end of “The Hunger Games” franchise by plunging feet-first into another mega-franchise: Roland Emmerich’s “Independence Day” reboot, which he takes over from former leading man Will Smith.

But the Aussie star is more than a one-note action hero, as evidenced by his investment in smaller projects — like “The Dressmaker,” an offbeat Australian revenge comedy opposite Kate Winslet, which premiered at TIFF last night. He’s also charmingly down-to-earth, with none of the snoot or swagger that you’d expect from a guy who has his very own team of fans (Team Gale!), while being the brother of the Lord of Asgard to boot.

Yesterday, a small group of journalists sat down with Hemsworth to ask him about his upcoming projects, playing opposite Kate Winslet and J-Law, and his first film shot in his native Aussie accent. Here are seven things we learned:

His new film, “The Dressmaker,” is a very personal project to him:

“I was first interested in my character because it really reminded me of my own dad and grandpa,” Hemsworth says of his character, Teddy, a good-humored country boy who falls in love with Kate Winslet’s titular dressmaker Tilly Dunnage. “I just really knew who this guy was, his sense of humor and his way of life.”

While he did a little bit of research about the ‘50s to prepare for the role, most of his preparation involved looking at his grandfather. “The way he dressed was the way I dressed, and the way he spoke was the way I spoke. I really tried to put as much of my grandpa into this character as I could. He was my research, just remembering his mannerisms and things like that,” he added.

Shooting in his native Aussie accent allowed him a new measure of freedom on-set:

“I’ve never done an Australian film before,” Hemsworth explained. “I did a lot of Australian TV when I first started, and did a film in Australia when I was about eighteen, but it wasn’t in an Australian accent. So this was my first film in my own accent, which I was really excited to do. I was able to be more free with it than in an American accent. I’ve been doing an American accent for seven years, have done a lot of work with accent coaches. But doing something like this, where I knew who this character was, and I understood everything about this guy, I just felt very comfortable on-set and very free.”

He was a bit nervous about romancing older actress Kate Winslet, but it worked out just fine (and Winslet agrees!): 

“It was something I was sort of worried about in the beginning,” Hemsworth said about romancing the 39-year-old Winslet in “The Dressmaker.” “I felt like I was possibly too young to play this part because in this film we’re seen as the same age, around the same age… But onscreen — Kate is such a beautiful woman and I have a beard in the film so I look quite a bit older, so I don’t think it’s an issue at all.” As he put it, with a laugh: “she looks really young and I look weathered and old.”

He sees similarities between Jennifer Lawrence and his “Dressmaker” costar Kate Winslet:

Asked about whether his “Dressmaker” co-star Kate Winslet shares anything with his “Hunger Games” love interest Jennifer Lawrence, he acknowledged that the two leading ladies have a lot of similarities. “They’re both extremely talented people in this industry,” he said. “Both possess that spunk that you’re talking about. They can come onto a set and just change the mood of everyone: they both have a larger-than-life energy.”

The ending of “Hunger Games” is bittersweet:

After an overwhelmingly successful three year run, the final “Hunger Games” installment hits theaters this November, and Hemsworth says the ending brings mixed feelings. “It was bittersweet for all of us on the last day of filming,” he said. “There was a realization that we all came to that we didn’t have another film to come back to. And that was sad, because we’ve established such close relationships with each other, and experienced an important part of our lives together. We’ll always hold onto that. I’m looking forward to the last press tour. I’m really proud of the last film, it’s possibly the best one. It ties up all the loose ends. It’s not quite the happiest ending for everyone.”

He was a fan of “Independence Day” long before he got signed to star in the reboot:

Hemsworth was six years old when the original film came out, back in 1996. “We had a VHS copy at my house with a little hologram on it. I used to carry it around,” Hemsworth recalls. Now, he’ll take over the leading role from Will Smith, in Roland Emmerich’s reboot due out next year. “I just finished shooting two weeks ago. ‘Independence Day: Resurgence,’ it’s called. Its a follow-on of the previous story twenty years later with a lot of the original cast. It’s fun. Just the chance to work with Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Roland Emmerich, who did the first one, who I’ve been a fan of for a long time – he’s the kind of director who pioneered this genre, the world ending on a huge scale.”

We might get to see a Hemsworth brothers collaboration one day, if we’re lucky:

“We’ve always talked about it,” said Hemsworth, when asked about whether he would ever make a film with his “Thor” star brother Chris. “Whether it’s a big blockbuster film or an independent artsy film, either way, it has to be something great, something with an amazing director and a great story. Because we’ll probably only get one chance to do it — I don’t know how many films you can make with your brother. But if the right project comes along and all the stars are aligned, we’d love to work together.”

September 15, 2015
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Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith sits down with star of The Dressmaker at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch this video on The Scene.

Have you ever gazed at the glory of Chris and Liam Hemsworth and wondered what, exactly, was in the water in Melbourne, Australia? That’s essentially the question Vanity Fair senior West Coast editor Krista Smith asked Liam, star of the Toronto Film Festival entry The Dressmaker. The younger Hemsworth jokes, “My mom was vegetarian my whole life and still is. So we ate a lot of vegetarian meals growing up. So maybe that’s the key. More plant-based meals.” Not since Popeye have veggies had such a ringing endorsement. And Liam’s veggie-loving ways may come as a relief to the newest lady in his life: Miss Piggy.

But it wasn’t all kale salads and “kumbaya” in the Hemsworth household. Liam also remembers the time he flung a knife at his brother Chris’s head. Only the handle hit that god-like face, thank Odin. Both Hemsworth brothers got their start on the two biggest soaps in Australia—Neighbours and Home and Away—and Liam reflects fondly on the experience. And all this Australian-themed reflection couldn’t be more apt because The Dressmaker is actually the first film where Liam gets to speak in his native accent. He uses it to romance a well-tailored Kate Winslet in the rough and tumble outback. Whatever would Miss Piggy say?

September 15, 2015
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Sex scenes aren’t really all that sexy—just ask Liam Hemsworth!
The Dressmaker star, who plays Kate Winslet’s love interest in the upcoming drama, told E! News at the Toronto International Film Festival that it’s “always pretty awkward when you have to take off your pants in from tot a crew and other actors and all that stuff.”
“During the scene, it’s fine,” the 25-year-old actor clarified. “You don’t feel uncomfortable while the cameras are rolling.”
Once the director yells cut, though? “That’s when it’s weird and uncomfortable,” said Liam. (Watch the clip above to find out why things take a turn for the worse once the onscreen deed is done.)

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September 14, 2015
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We’re numb with excitement.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

The countdown clock is on and the days until we’re able to see “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2,” the final film in the “Hunger Games” franchise, is slipping closer and closer to zero. Fans are eagerly waiting their turn to view the final chapter in the battle for Panem, but certain cast members have already gotten to see the film.

Liam Hemsworth, at Toronto International Film Festival promoting “The Dressmaker,” his new film he co-stars in with Kate Winslet, has laid eyes on it. Yes, Gale has the hookup.

And he says it’s very good.

“I’ve seen it. I saw it,” he told MTV News. “It’s great. I think it might be the best one. It’s more action-packed for sure. I think start to finish it just doesn’t give up. The whole time you feel like anyone could be killed at any moment. It’s like that in all of them but I feel like this is, the stakes are a little higher.”

Hemsworth couldn’t elaborate more without giving too much away, but he did tell us whether he got a sudden attack of the feels while watching the cut.

“No, it wasn’t emotional,” he said. “It’s definitely the end of a journey, but to have made friends like Jen [Lawrence] and Josh [Hutcherson], I couldn’t have asked for more. Such a fun time we’ve had together, and I’ll always look back at is as being a great time.”

The tears. We feel them coming now.

September 14, 2015
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September 14, 2015
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“It was something I was sort of worried about in the beginning,” Hemsworth confessed. “I felt like I was possibly too young to play this part because in this film we’re seen as the same age, around the same age… But onscreen — Kate is such a beautiful woman and I have a beard in the film so I look quite a bit older, so I don’t think it’s an issue at all… She looks really young and I look weathered and old,” he added with a laugh.

“Isn’t that great, he’s about five years old,” joked Winslet about playing love interest to the 25-year-old “Hunger Games” star. “It didn’t really occur to me actually at all, I really didn’t know how old he is, I truly didn’t,” she continued. “I think it’s all about how you feel alongside that person, I didn’t particularly feel as though he was particularly younger than me or I was older than him. I felt more experienced than him in terms of career and in terms of the amount of years that I’ve been doing it for in comparison to him, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable or that or awkward at all. I didn’t have a sort of fist-pumping moment of hey look at me with the younger actor. I didn’t feel like that. He was the right person for the role.”

Indeed, Winslet has nothing but fond words for her costar, who took a break from “Hunger Games”-mania to come shoot the film in late 2014 — his first Australian film shot in his native Aussie accent. “I really felt like I knew who this person was and felt really comfortable in his skin on set,” explained Hemsworth, who says the character reminded him of his dad and grandpa. “I felt the freedom to take it to wherever I needed to, because I was in my accent but I also really knew what this guy was about.”

“What was so lovely actually was that he was very open in expressing how excited he was that he was going to learn from all the actors around him,” added Winslet. “He was very excited by that and really asked a lot of questions, a lot of questions about acting, about career, in a way that I was quite surprised by, actually. He’s a very sweet, down-to-earth, really quite normal guy. And I felt as though doing ‘The Dressmaker’ at the time that he did was a real tonic for him, because he had just come off doing a press tour for ‘Hunger Games’ and that’s a totally different machine obviously. And this, he was chasing emus in the Outback and was happy as a clam. He was very very happy, it was as though he had come home.”

“The Dressmaker” premieres at TIFF tonight and hits theaters October 29.