June 9, 2016
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Just as the trailer for Independence Day Resurgence (IDR) shows the Burj Khalifa being elevated and inverted by alien forces, so Dubai was turned upside down yesterday with the secret arrival of the movie’s stars Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum. Accompanied by director Roland Emmerich, the sequel’s worldwide promotional tour is in full force despite the picture not opening in the UAE until the first day of Eid Al Fitr.

As rare as it is for Dubai to be a focus for Hollywood movie marketing, it is even rarer to welcome two A-list stars at the same time. Attending a lunchtime press conference at Vox Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates, the duo and filmmaker answered questions about the film; although it was clear to see when rating each of the performances, form is temporary, class is permanent.

Much fuss was understandably created when it was learned the hunky Hunger Games Hemsworth brother would be gracing our shores, although it was veteran The Fly and Jurassic Park actor Goldblum who really stole the show.

Making sure to face everyone in screen 17 in turn, so everybody got a decent photo, and going off on random tangents when asked a question, which continued to bring the house down, Goldblum’s eccentricities outclassed the younger actor’s more clinical display.

“You’ve never played a boxer at all?” Goldblum at one point asked a slightly taken aback Hemsworth after he had spoken about fighting aliens in this movie. “Max Baer Jr., wasn’t he heavyweight champion of the world? No, Max Baer Sr.! Max Baer Jr. was in The Beverly Hillbillies. I bet you look a little like Max Baer Sr.”

“Here we go again,” said Emmerich with a laugh. “The whole shoot was like that.”

“I like to keep thinking,” replied Goldblum.

“I could listen to Jeff talk all day. I just smile and nod,” Hemsworth said. Here’s the rest of the interaction.


On his character in IDR
I play Jake Morrison. He lost his parents in the first attack and grew up in an orphanage. He wants to join the military from a young age. He becomes a fighter pilot and ends up in the elite squadron.

He has a rivalry with Dylan Hiller who is Will Smith’s character from the first movie. He makes a bad decision, which almost gets Hiller killed and so he has his wings temporarily clipped and is sent to do maintenance on the moon.

How he prepared.
I fly a lot of spaceships and I do like video games a lot. That was already built into me.

What he brought to the role.
One of the things that always stood out for me from the first film was when Will Smith punches the alien in the face. Originally we never had a physical altercation with the aliens. I approached Roland and the writers to see if we could have something similar. Now we’ve got a great scene.

Source: Khaleej Times

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