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That’s gotta hurt! Liam Hemsworth is hit in the face with a bowling ball during interview with mischievous Beau Ryan on The NRL Footy Show

He has one of the most handsome faces gracing the Hollywood screens.

So it was no wonder fans gasped for breath on Wednesday night after Liam Hemsworth was hit in the face with a bowling ball.

The 26-year-old actor left viewers of the NRL Footy Show at the edge of their seats after interviewer Beau Ryan swung the heavy weight in his direction.

As the ball hit the star, viewers watched as he fell off the corner of the lounge and landed on the floor while clutching his face.

Following the series of unfortunate events the Channel Nine program replayed the incident which reassured fans the ball was in fact a soft replica.

During the interview the Liam and Beau showed off their down to earth personalities and enjoyed a game of bowling and a round of car racing.

While Beau showed Liam his best bowling arm, the actor revealed the reason he initially went vegan.

‘Originally I did it two years ago because Woody Harrelson told me to do it,’ Liam began.

‘He is a good friend of mine because we did the Hunger Games together and he has been vegan for like 30 years or something and is one of the most healthy, happy, energetic people I have met. It has been a year and I haven’t gone back.’

After hearing the tale, Beau suffered from a moment of over-sharing and revealed to the Aussie hunk that he had recently taken part in a round of colon hydrotherapy.

According to Detoxologie colon hydrotherapy uses ‘gentle, filtered and temperature controlled water for inner cleansing of the colon, essentially “cleaning the pipes”.’

Liam displayed a shocked facial expression as Beau continued to go into detail about the small procedure.

Lying flat on his back on the lounge, he explained ‘I had to sit like this’ to which Liam then walked towards him and stood in-between his legs.

‘And then the tube went like this right,’ he asked as he lowered his hands to the same level as the sportsman.
Following the awkward re-enactment, Liam asked: ‘How was that? You didn’t mind it aye?’.

The actor was appeared on the NRL Footy Show to promote his upcoming film, Independence Day 2: Resurgence.

Source: Daily Mial

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