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Liam Hemsworth Talks The Hunger Games, J.Law, & Brothers

“If you put the work in, and you show that you’re willing to work hard, you’ll succeed.  I feel that I often put in more work, and that is what separates me from the other people,” says actor Liam Hemsworth of his work ethic in his cover interview for NYLON Guys.



Hemsworth says growing up in Australia he and his brothers (actors Chris and Luke) played with rifles, bows and arrows handmade by their grandfather.  “For some reason, my grandpa thought they would be good to give to us—we would just do stupid shit out in the bush.”   Says Hemsworth, the youngest,  “I think everyone agrees that I was the naughtiest as a kid.  My uncles used to call me ‘Devil Child,’ or ‘Triple’ for triple six. They used to tell my brother Chris that they were going to get the demons out of him because he was also a little crazy. But to me, they’d just be like, ‘You’re too far gone. There’s no exorcising you anymore.’”


Of his Hunger Games castmates, Hemsworth says:  “I’ve been friends with all these people for so many years now….  I’m so lucky to have Jennifer [Lawrence] and Josh [Hutcherson] and Woody [Harrelson] and all these other great people. We’ve created really strong bonds.”  And of the fun on the set:  “It’s like high school because we’ll mess around for half the day and then we’ll do a little bit of work. Everyone’s goofing around and trying to mess each other up.”


Adds The Hunger Games (Mockingjay –Part 1) director, Francis Lawrence, “Jen was hands down the biggest joker, but any time you had Liam in a scene with some combination of Jen, Josh, or Woody, there were going to be a lot of laughs.”  And says Harrelson, “My rapport with Jen and Josh: We got on like a house fire. It was a longer process to get to know Liam. But it was only a matter of time before we were cracking each other up in scenes. We had to not look at each other or we’d mess up the shot.”


Hemsworth, 24, has already worked with an enviable group of A-list vets, telling NYLON Guys:
Woody’s [Harrelson] like a little kid.  “Me and Jen [Lawrence] always call him a Labrador because you throw something and he’ll fetch it. When he does turn it on, he’s got the most intense, crazy look in his eyes. He’s such a great actor, yet he can be so free and just have fun with the whole thing.”


“When we were on set [of Paranoia], I asked Harrison Ford if he ever doubted what he was doing or why he was doing it. He kind of stopped for a second and was like, ‘No. Not for a second. This is the best job in the world.’”


Billy Bob’s [Thornton] the nicest guy in the world.  We became really good friends. We had this one scene where he was yelling at me. I could see he was kind of having a hard time. He comes over, and he’s like [affecting Thornton’s drawl], ‘Man, I really just have a tough time doing scenes like this with people I feel, you know, brotherly with.’”


The Oct/Nov issue of NYLON Guys goes on sale October 2, 2014.

Even though it’s been a year since The Last Song couple split, people are still talking about it. Maybe it’s because we’re all still holding onto the old Miley. Maybe it’s because we have yet to see Hemsworth with any other popstars, actresses, or models.

But inevitably, there comes a time when you just have to let it go, because in the end, celebrity couples are no different than our own, or those of our best friends. In the October issue of NYLON Guys, it’s easy to see that Hemsworth has moved on, “There’s not much to say; there’s no bad blood there.” Just like that, the Hunger Games heartthrob honorably brushes over the topic that has been the feature of most entertainment news headlines over the last 12 months (including this one); the piece of gossip-y news we all can’t wait to click on and re-Tweet, only to find that there’s actually nothing more to say

As people who aren’t normally standing in the limelight every second of their lives, we dream of what it would be like to have paparazzi follow us around, to show up on our favorite websites, and to date other actors like it’s just another OkCupid meet-up. But of tabloids, Liam hints that you probably wouldn’t want all of that if you actually had it, “You never get used to it because you get followed and you get chased and it’s never a fun experience. I think when people see photos of you out and about in your personal life, they assume you’ve asked for it or that you want that attention, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind asks for that kind of thing.”
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[September 22] Out & About in Greenwood, Mississippi

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Hemsworth Boys Trauma Team

The Hemsworth brothers are the ambassadors Australian Childhood Foundation, they work closely with the team to help raise the social awareness in Australia.

As a Trauma Recovery Team Supporter, you’ll be helping to ensure children get the specialised care and assistance they need to recover from the devastating impacts of trauma caused by abuse and neglect.


We hope you’ll join us in making the safety and recovery of traumatised children a priority, by joining me as a Trauma Recovery Team Supporter. I really believe that children who have endured so much pain and sadness should be helped to feel that they are not alone, and that they belong to a community that cares about them and wants them to be safe and happy. Together, through our support of the Trauma Recovery Team, we can help create meaningful change in the lives of so many Australian children.

- Chris Hemsworth, Patron

By becoming a Trauma Recovery Team Supporter, you’ll be helping the Australian Childhood Foundation continue its work to give a second chance at childhood to children who have lost so much. When children are helped to make sense of what’s happened to them, and to find care and support and love, they start to have hope for their own future, so please lend your support today.

- Liam Hemsworth, ambassador

Read More: http://www.childhood.org.au/take-action/trauma-recovery-team-supporter

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Liam Hemsworth

Liam is in Greenwood, Mississippi filming the crime drama ‘By Way of Helena’
According to the paps, He was seen stopping into a gas station filling up his Prius and buying two bottles of smart water. Later in the day he was seen meeting with a group and eating at the No Way Jose Mexican Restaurant.
I’ve added 50 medium quality photos to the gallery:

[September 20] Out & About in Greenwood, Mississippi

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bg video

The wait is Over!!!!!!Here are the New stills and promo shoots of Liam as Gale Hawthorne in Mockingjay Part 1.
Also with the new official trailer: (I bet you already watched it)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Poster Promotional Images

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Stills

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Back to work! Liam has arrived in Greenwood, Mississippi where the filming of his new film By Way of Helena takes place.

Check out the fan pictures below:

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